Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please Pray for Our Boy Dog Gio, thank you

Please pray for our lovely boy Gio,
he's the one in the front of the picture all snuggled up!

Fantastic News - Yippee

Thank you to all those dog loving friends who prayed for our dear boy Gio, it has certainly worked, Gio got home yesterday evening, 6th November and the lumps he had removed were just fatty lumps, one very large one and one tiny one, but they are not harmful in any way, so we are so relieved that he is well, and although he looks a bit weird having 2 shaved areas, he seems absolutely fine and has eaten his breakfast this morning, nothing much puts Gio off his food! He has had lots of cuddles from us all and will be well looked after as he recovers from his op. We take him back on Saturday for his post op check then in 9 days from now he gets his stitches out.

We are so grateful that he is doing well and again, thank you for all your love and concern for Gio, we all really appreciate it

Rene, Lorraine & most of all Gio

Tuesday 4th November 2008

Today is a difficult day for us, full of uncertainty and worry. Last Wednesday we took our 3 lovely rescue dogs for their routine annual check up and vaccination and got a real shock when the vet found a large lump, just under our male dog, Gio's ruff, around his neck; the size of a tennis ball, we hadn't spotted it at all and were totally stunned. The vet explained that it is quite deep down, that is why we probably hadn't noticed it, we still felt pretty terrible though! He also has a slight heart murmur which was diagnosed a few years ago, but are told it is quite mild and nothing to worry about.

The vet took a needle aspiration there and then, and we have been waiting anxiously for the results,if you are a dog lover you know what it's like, they are almost like children to us.
Today we phoned the vets and were told that the aspiration was inconclusive, as they couldn't find enough cells to tell them anything, so the next step is a biopsy on Thursday morning. They have advised that they will try and remove the whole lump if they can, although it is in a difficult place, and will do the lab tests to find out if it is benign or mailignant.

It will be a long wait for us until Thursday and even longer to know if our boy is going to be alright, he seems his usual self which is good, so we are hoping for the best, but always have the nagging uncertainty that it could be something worse, having already lost our dear springer Ceilidh 5 years ago to mast cell cancer. I do believe in the power of prayer, and will be asking God to help Gio make a full recovery and that he will be healthy and happy, he's our wonderful boy dog and full of character! We are not ready to lose him, he is only seven and in his prime!

If there are any other dog lovers out there, who could join their prayers to ours, we would really appreciate it,

Thank you so much


Lorraine & Rene Huber

Monday, June 09, 2008

Some More Photos of Our 3 Lovely Rescue Dogs

Our 3 Rescue dogs are just so lovely and all so different in nature and temperament. We have adopted them all at different ages and they all get on so well together. They have a great life now they have been rescued and have never looked back! We love each one of them

Lorraine & Rene Huber
Livington, West Lothian, Scotland

Best Wishes to all animal lovers,
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I like my cuddles when I'm sleepy!

Our day out at Portobello beach, just deciding whether to go for a swim
or chill out in the sunshine, mmm!!

Well I've had my swim now where's my ice cream?

Come on I still want to play why are you ignoring me

Well I'm up for a game are you?

My Mum likes to give me a cuddle as I'm just so cute xxx

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Lorraine G Huber