Tuesday, December 27, 2005


I recently received an email from the fantastic charity DOGS TRUST formerly the Canine Defense League asking me as a member to consider attending a public meeting on January 10th 2006 to help lobby the government to ban all tail docking in dogs. I would urge all dog lovers to read the enclosed details and think about attending this meeting or at least looking at the website details :

Subject: Dogs Trust calls for ban on tail-docking

As you may know, the Animal Welfare Bill is finally on the brink of becoming law in England and Wales, and the similar Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Bill is going through the Scottish Parliament. This is great news as the new laws will give greater protection to animals in many ways, especially as they make responsible ownership a legal requirement for the first time!

But there is a vital piece of legislation missing and we need your help to ensure that this legislation is included.

If the Bills go through in their current form, tail-docking (the removing of a dogs' tail leaving a stump) may still be allowed if the dogs are believed to be working dogs. We believe that tail-docking is cruel and unnecessary. Not only is it a practice that causes pain and suffering to young puppies, but deprives dogs of a vital form of their canine expression and can have long-term adverse effects on health.

We are calling for a total ban on tail-docking other than for therapeutic medical reasons.

The Bills will have a second reading in their respective parliaments on the 10th January, so it's not too late to make sure a ban on docking is included, but time is running out.

You can help us achieve an end to this cruel practice, and we are appealing to you to write to your MP (if you live in England or Wales) or your MSP (if you live in Scotland). Please feel free to use the below sentence as a guide.

'Please attend the debate on January 10th and speak to support our case for a complete ban on tail docking because it is cruel'

To add your support please contact your local MP or MSP. Email addresses can be found through the House of Commons or Scottish Parliament websites. Visit www.parliament.uk/directories/directories.cfm or www.scottish.parliament.uk

With your help, we hope to prevent even more unnecessary suffering to dogs.

Thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely

Clarissa Baldwin
Chief Executive, Dogs Trust

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